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McJellyz Tutorialz.

★ Back from the dead.
Assalamualaikum and hi, it's ya gurl Nazihah here. I am not really 'back from the dead' because I am active on my personal blog (although I haven't updated anything in over a week now). My life has been quite boring lately because I just finished the second semester of my studies and I have nothing to do. I decided to re-open my tutorial blog and continue doing tutorials for all of you blogger babies out there. I am still using "McJellyz" because that was the name I used since I was in high school but I can assure you, I've matured up after a few years of finishing school and entering college and university.

THIS BLOG IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so don't be surprised if harini nampak lain, esok nampak lain. Hahaha. And after running through the codes and doing some slight tweaks here and there, I have found a few tips and tricks that I can share with you guys.

To keep this blog running, I need a few ideas for tutorials. It would be great if you guys could pop a few ideas over on my Ask.fm account ~
From blogger to photoshop, just ask.
Welp, I think that's about it.

I learned how to apply make up, wear nicer clothes and take cuter selfies.


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p/s ; This blog is for tutorials only.
p/s(ii) ; I'm more active on my personal blog.