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McJellyz Tutorialz.

★ Tagged again and again.
This time, I'm tagged from a number of 6 peoples. So saya nak guna random.org untuk tolong saya pilih mana yang patut saya jawab LOL. Pun boleh.

Tut tut tut ~ Nombor bertuah ; 2. Questions are from Aimi LS

Do you love Kwangmin or Youngmin?
- Ahh, can't choose!

Do you think Super Junior is awesome?
- Actually, no. Tak minat.

What do you think about my blog?
- Nice.

Tell me your crush name.
- I don't have one because I'm taken.

Who want to be my twin? Why?
- I don't know, why ask me? o.O

Do you like cats?
- I love them!

Do you know me?
- Sorry, but no.

What you felt if your crush love your close friend?
- Sad, but life goes on.

Who is your best friend forever?
- Nurul Nadhirah Amalina :>

Who is your best fake friends?
- This is an inappropriate question.

Can I get your phone number?
- No.

Questions from me ;
- Have you fought over a guy?
- How many hours in a day do you sleep?
- Fave quote you heard?
- List your dream guy's characteristics.
- Do you have a large tummy? LOL.
- How many hours in a day do you spend on the computer?
- Do you watch Spongebob?
- Ever been prank-called?
- Fly FM or Hot FM?
- High heels or sneakers?
- Can you do my homework? :P
Those tagged ;
Min Unnie | Hanis Zakirah | Ain Kyra (mwahahaha) | Nur Aisyah | Ainil Ruffehe | Yasmin Mynn | Izyan Nazirah | Izzazi Ahmar | Fatimah Azzarah | Siti Nur Aisyah.
Random chosen from BBB. Ni semua nama FB diorang hehe. Kbai!
xx Nazihah Anuar


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