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★ Tagged again :3
Update from le tagging game I joined. Refer this post here for the rules and the 'about me'. This time, I was tagged by Nurul Hanis Anasa. Tenkiu! Heres the questions and answers.

♥ Real name, please?
Nazihah binti Anuar.

♥ What is your ambition, birthday and where do you live?
I always wanted to become a psychologist. My birthday was on the 7th October. And I live in Malaysia.

♥ Do you wanna dream that you were married with your prince charming?
Dream je? LOL. I want it to be superbly REAL! :>

♥ Do you enjoy my blog?
Yes, I do.

♥ What is your favorite song and artist?
My favorite song is currently Someone Like You by Adele.

♥ Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. YAY or NAY?
I don't know.

♥ Strawberry or chocolate ?

♥ Your blogger idol and fav youtubers?
Blogger idol ; akusyamira.blogspot.com hihi. Fav youtubers? None.

♥ Your inspiration?

♥ Hanis Zalikha or Hanis Anasa?
Both hihi :)

Okay, now for my questions.
- When have you started blogging?
- Comics or novels?
- Your fave subject in school?
- What does your name mean?
- Where did you get your inspiration?
- Money over love or love over everything? ♥
- Fave food and drink?
- How many times in a day do you shower?
- Do you think Jo Kwangmin is hot? Random question.
- Coca cola, Pepsi or just plain mineral water?
- Do you easily fall in loooove? Woot woot.
Depa ne di-tag secara random haha.
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No links, sorry. Heh. Kbai :D
xx Nazihah Anuar


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