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★ I hate myself.

I going all fangirl over le Boyfriend group T-T I repeat, I hate myself. Now I can add 1 more language to my 'I can say "I'm hungry" in 5 different languages' fact. Ho ho. Okay, the first member I liked was Jo Kwangmin. Diikutiiii dengan Jo Youngmin, then No Minwoo, Lee Jeongmin, Kim Donghyun and Shim Hyunseong. My god what is wrong with me T_____T Aiman keeps saying that they're plastic and fake. Especially the Jo Twins. Lepastu I'll be all flabbergasted. But you have to accept the fact that plastic surgery is popular among Koreans. 

Another reason why I hate myself isn't really because I'm crazy these past few days, it's because of this damn laptop. It keeps crashing and I'll lose all my work T^T" I've been working on that freebies template I'm gonna give y'all and tup tup it crashes. But come to think of it, it's partially Google Chrome's fault too. Gahhh. I hate everybody. Ok, not everybody. It's the love sickness again. Aiman come home for heaven's sake!!
Saya cakap partially English setiap kali nak fikirkan idea untuk sambung Camelia's Diary. Sorry.
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