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★ I don't care.
I don't care about you anymore.
I don't care whether I've already showered or not.
I don't care if my hair's messy.
I don't care where my phone is.
I don't care if this is the 3rd post I've posted today.
I don't care about crying in public anymore.

I don't care about anything since you don't care about me too T^T I'm no more than just a friend, am I? What? You're too embarrassed to tell your friends that I've called to check up on you? Well from now on, don't call me, don't speak to me, don't even look at me. To think that I would believe every word you say! Wait, if you remove the 'BE' and the 'VE' from believe, it is spelled out into LIE. Doesn't it? Whyyy oh whyyyy can't I hate you? 

This is another reason why I hate myself. I'm not brave enough to confront you, at all. Maybe I should deactivate my Facebook, but then I'll miss BBB T^T Delete my blog? It does seem like a good idea. Eat? Sleep? Been there done that. All I can do now is pray to God that my luck will be much better..tomorrow. So dear you, I don't need you to check up on me anymore since you're to wrapped up with your work. I don't care. I don't care.... I ... don't...care!! :'(
Ignore this, please.
xx Nazihah Anuar

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