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★ Camelia's Diary [4]
Hey y'alls ! I'm back with another update on Camelia's Diary. Sekarang, I'm trying to finish what I've started. Okay let's start :>

- - -

As I was flipping through the pages, a strange thing happened. A dim light was flashing through the middle of the diary. Then I went into a trance or something, because I could see a flashback from Camelia's memory, before she died! I could see her, squatting in a cave. In front of a man. A really dark man with weird tattoos. They were familiar tattoos thought, because I saw them in Camelia's diary. Then she stood up and started screaming at him. Why was she doing that? The man then said something and shot lightning through her body. She barely survived, though.

I woke up from the 'trance' and saw a glowing object in front of me. No, not an object. But a person. It was Camelia! She was floating in front of me. Her beautiful face and body was full of scars and she only had a piece of cloth to cover her body.

"Cammy! Oh my god what happened to you?!" I shouted.
"Shhh, Cassidy. I'm okay. I have to tell you something. Something important." She replied.
"What is it? Tell me what happened!"
"You need not to know anything of what I've been practicing. I've transferred all of my powers into your body, Cassidy. Every single drop. But I want you to use it towards a good path. Don't follow mine. And one more thing, protect our family from him."
"From who? What are you talking about?"

She didn't answer. Instead, she faded away. I cried a single drop of tear. I missed her so much. But everything's so confusing right now. Was it the man I saw from Camelia's memory the one she wanted me to protect my family from? What is these 'powers' she spoke of? I look down to Camelia's Diary. I can now understand every single symbol in it.

Hm, maybe I should recite one?

" Exposeum Cavasus . . . "

- - End of part 4 - -

Ok, dah mula mengarut kan haha. This has nothing to do with anything, okay? It's just my imagination. So jangan lah mulakan kontroversi pulak :p Kkbai

xx Nazihah Anuar


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