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★ Thank you, dear.
Everyday I struggle. I struggle, trying to fit in. Trying to be normal. Trying not to look out of picture. Trying to be like everybody else. And everyday HE struggles to tell me not to. I never bothered actually. I took his advice not to personally. I can't see the reason he's pushing me to be weird and obnoxious. I tell him, why can't you accept the fact that I'm trying to please everybody and as if you're too blind to see that?! I never realized that all he wanted was me to become ME. The original ME. Not a photocopy. He told me it's okay to be different.  It's okay to be unique. It's okay to be ME

Life isn't about being accepted by other people. Life is about being proud of who we are and God's purpose of creating us to live in this world that he perfectly constructed. I love being myself, I love the people who loves me for who I am. And I don't give a damn of what other people say. Like the good ol' saying, haters gonna hate :]

Original is the way to go! :)

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