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★ Super - cali - fragilistic - expiali - docious.

I always wonder why I blog. For fame? Never thought of it. For the skills? Sometimes, maybe. Or just because I treat this blog as a journal now. My personal space for writing. People say I can't write personal stuff in blogs but it's my right. I never thought my blog could become so 'big', you know? I started blogging since I was in form 2 and I never had any interest in blogging back then.

And then there was the time where I got sick. I finished an operation at my abdomen and I felt useless. I had support though, from my family, friends and my loving boyfriend  So that's where I started being active on the internet. I found many types of sources and cool sites. Such as Tumblr. Facebook can be a crud. There's no fighting in Tumblr!!

A good friend once told me ; Forget what people say about you and ignore the criticism. The only thing that matters is the you inside

xx Nazihah Anuar

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p/s ; This blog is for tutorials only.
p/s(ii) ; I'm more active on my personal blog.