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★ I'm absent from school today.

I've got le fever and le flu. Saya sebenarnya nak pergi sekolah hari ni, walaupun tak sihat sebab who cares kan? That's what I thought lah. Last-last kena bebel dengan Aiman. Dia kata kalau saya pergi jugak sekolah, habis lah saya. Kfine. Bia saya tak belajar. Nanti hang kena jadi cikgu ajar guwe Add Maths yang saya terlepas hari ni, tau!

But thanks for caring tho :*

Recently I've been collecting Domo-kun & Angry Birds merchandises. They're just so effing cute. Right now I have ;

  • 1 Domo-kun bag.
  • 1 Domo-kun purse.
  • 3 Angry Birds pens \red, blue & yellow. the only ones available/
  • 1 Angry Birds mechanical pencil.
  • 1 Yellow Bird pin.
And I love them all. I also bought 1 Spongebob Squarepants purse. Because I just love him. Hihi. Most of the stuff was bought from my friends sister, Izzah. Now I'm waiting for her to check on an Angry Birds POLAROID camera! I went crazy when she mentioned it and I have to buy it! I MUST HAVE IT! Not because of the Angry Birds but it's a freakin' polaroid man! 

So I guess that's it. Bai.

I'm starting to miss him -.-

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