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★ End year exams are coming.
My exams starts on the 7th October. Ironically, it's also my birthday. Aiman, my oh-so-loving boyfriend keeps complaining that I'm on the internet 24/7. What does he expect a teenager girl to do? So I have been thinking about this for awhile. I don't want to flunk school. But I also can't stand a day without the internet T^T Aiman's pushing me to study but I'm not a computer. I can't save stuff continously.

So I have made my decision. I am going to spend less time on the computer. Time to hit the books!! So far I haven't failed Add Maths. So ain't no "setara" exam is slowing me down. I'm targeting for 5SC1 next year. I hope Aiman studies to though. So does Nieysa. I cannot live without them!! Okay, what am I blabbing about ha ha.

This post was made using my mom's iPad. Sorry for any errors kay.

xx Nazihah Anuar

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