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★ Camelia's Diary [3]
"Master.... I'm sorry...... I've failed you..."
"Dammit you fool! I should have known you wouldn't be right for the job. Did you burn all of the book?"
"Half of it, master. I was interrupted..."
"Didn't I tell you to put all of the Craig's family to sleep?!"
"I did sir..but the youngest girl...it was if she was immune to the spell, master..."
"FOOL! Be gone with you." 


"Ouchhhhhhh! Yes master... forgive me master..."
"HUH! Looks like that Craig girl is more powerful than I thought. This must be one of Camelia's doings."

- - -

"Mom, dad. Wake up!"

I shaked my parents. But they wouldn't wake up. It's as if they're in a trance. I tried waking up Catherine too, but she too won't wake up. That's a bit odd, don't cha think? So I decided to go clean up the mess in Camelia's room. I brought her diary with me. As I was walking, I flipped through the book. Smelt like lavenders, Camelia's fave flower. But then I found a page, with weird symbols and some sort of spells in it. What has Camelia been up to?

I wonder if these weird symbols have anything to do with her death. Or am I just crazy? We'll see.

- End of part 3 - 

Hari ne takde ilham lah hehe. Pagi tadi tak berak :3 Muahahahahah.

xx Nazihah Anuar


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