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★ Camelia's Diary [2]
Penat cari ilham nak buat benda neh. hehe. Just for fun lah kan.


So then I waited for the police to leave. One by one leaves and yet one by one comes to 'investigate' my sisters death. I think I've fallen asleep because I woke up on the couch at about 3 in the morning. Maybe my parents are just too depressed to wake me up. The coast is clear. My sisters body was taken by the police I think. For it is a 'police case'. Oh, wait! I forgot my plan. Time to search for Camelia's diary. But the door's locked. Keys keys keys where are you. Oh there you are.

Shoot. Did I knock over something? 

Hm, no I didn't. But that sound's coming from inside the house. Catherine's asleep, and so is mom and dad. So where did that sound come from? Wait. It's from Camelia's room. That's impossible. It's locked. I have the keys right here so I'll just go and unlock the door and go in, then. 

What's this, smoke? From inside the room

• • •  

"Who goes there?!"
I saw a black figure across the room. Burning pages from a book. He or she seemed surprised, seeing me in the middle of the night. He must have taken and entrance through the windows. And he's leaving the same way right now.

"Wait! Stoppp!" I screamed.

He through the book and ran towards the window. I scanned the room for something to throw at, and saw these pieces of glass from a photo frame. I grabbed the biggest piece and through at him. I am a baseball player so my throw was pretty strong. I think the glass cut his hand or something because I could hear him shout 'Ugh'. That didn't slow him down though. Did I mention Camelia's room was pretty big? 

He leaped through the window and disappeared in the night. Feeling so frustrated with myself. Why didn't I run after him? Maybe I'm a coward. Anyway, what book were the pages he was burning from? That guy threw it somewhere. Wait, there it is!

Oh no. It's Camelia's diary. What was he doing with my sister's diary and why was he burning the pages from it? Thankfully I came just in time to save the book. But serious damage was caused to my sister's room though. Maybe the guys was trying so hard to search for this book. But why?! Better wake my parents up and tell them about this. I don't think my sisters death is suicide anymore.


xx Nazihah Anuar


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