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★ Camelia's Diary [1]
Saya bosan. Dengan itu saya nak start writing my own stories yang saya fikir time tengah makan or mandi or membuang toxic badan. Saya tahu saya ada lagi satu blog untuk buat novel tu tapi saja saya nak buat kat sini. Tu pun blog lagi satu tu private. Heh. This is written by me. So I have copyright. I can take serious measures it I find anybody plagiarizing it. So, let us begin.


"Cassidy... Cassidy!!! Wake up!!"
"What? What is it, mom?"
"Your sister! She's dead!!"

Camelia's my sister. My twin sister. If combined with my other sister, Catherine, we're all triplets. It was a Saturday morning when we found Camelia's body in her bedroom. Police said that she hung herself. But why am I the only one who can't accept that? I consider it rather strange because out of the three of us, Camelia's life was the most perfect. She had a clean academic record, a super hot boyfriend, parents who loves her the most and she's also the most supporting sister I ever had. How I loved her so..

Mom cried the hardest. I could see snot coming out of her nose while she cried. It seems as if this was something out of a movie. Seeing my sister all blue was heartbreaking. The pain grew when I saw my mom, dad and Cathy cry. Although a pain in the ass Camelia was, she's the most loving sister and daughter. 

I asked a lot of questions to the police until my mom 'shh'ed me for being such a busy body. Hey, she's my relative too. Then something struck me. Maybe I could check her diary. I always took a sneak peek into her diary without Camelia knowing. She always placed in a book bag, on top of her cupboard. I'll just wait until the police leave with Camelia's body and I'll go look for it.


End of part 1. Hoho. Nak pergi makan. Esok insyaAllah saya sambung. Babai.

xx Nazihah Anuar


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