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Hello Sunshine 

I am bored. Sometimes I find blogging so boring. Because I would change my blog design over and over again and I don't really want to annoy my readers. Tadi ada girls hang out dengan Nadhirah. Ok, miss you alot hee. We were like having fun, messing around with people on skype and stuff. And we're going to open our blogshop soon! Not those clothing, shawls kind of blogshop. It will be an editing blogshop. I'll be opening my 'Tempahan @NNP' with her soon! Stick around for news. 

Ok. Malas cakap English. Peh.

Saya sekarang kononnya nak selalu practice ber-English lah sebab taknak accent British saya hilang LOLOLOL. I was born with it pfft. Part saya bosan dengan blogging adalah benar, sadis kan? But saya takmo lah quit blogging. Sayang wo. Hahahaha.  So I've decided to activate my formspring account for like the 1 millionth time. Hehe. 

Last question I answered was like 5 months ago. So yeah be the first to ask me something. And please, something other than blogging. So I guess that's that. Bai Assalamualaikum dan saya sayang Romeo serta BBB saya <3

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