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★ Day 8 : If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
Nothing, I guess. I would change my height a bit. But me now is okay. God made me this way. I was born this way bebeh #menyampah sikit guna ayat ne. Hihi.


Photo Courtesy: thingsonceknown

I'm already as awesome as hell. What would I want to change about myself? LOL. Baru-baru ne kan saya baru pecahkan record Counter Strike. Saya bunuh orang 58 times in 10 games I think. Hebak kan? Hihihihihi.  Ingat laki je kea leh main CS? It's like the best damn thing man kind has ever created. Siapa suka main CS jugak? Lawan jom. Ngehehehe.

Anyway, back to de topic. Saya takmau tukar apa-apa pung pasal saya. I was born this way, aite? And don't mind my picture above, ai nak tunjuk ai baru tumbuh misai bunga. Ngkau hado? Ngeheeee.

My mama told me when I was young,
We were all born superstars.

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