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★ Things girls hate about guys when in a relationship.
  • Forget her birthday. (Deadly mistake)
  • Forget your anniversary.
  • Spend more time with your buddy instead of spending time with her.
  • Bring her out with your buddies and ignoring her.
  • Choosing work over her. (Balance is the key here)
  • Multitasking when talking to her over the phone.
  • Want to hang up the phone after just 1 minute of conversation.
  • Took half an hour to reply her text messages.
  • Talk bad about her family members.
  • Lack of hygiene etiquette.
  • Ogle at other girls.
  • Text messages in your phone from other girls are more than hers.
  • Any contact with your ex.
  • Compare her with other girls. (Deadly mistake)
  • Lack of ambition in life.
  • Fail to give her a sense of security.
  • Not romantic at all.
  • Breaking promises.
  • Doesn’t pay attention to what she says.
  • Never call back when you promised her
Yang saya boldkan tu, saya tujukan kepada seseorang. I hope you're reading this -.-

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