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★ Day 5 ; 10 wishes

Disebabkan semalam blogger gila, saya sambung day 5 hari ni kayy. geram dengan blogger. sabar jelah. anyway, lets start :3
  • I wish to be a princess ! *ceh
  • I wish I can be a famous blogger macam Cik Epal.
  • I wish to meet all my lovely followers
  • I wish I would marry Aiman one day *hihihihih :p
  • I wish I have all the sambal belacan in the world to taste
  • I wish to have a smooth skinned face :D
  • I wish I can meet Michael Ryan Reynolds :O
  • I wish my mom will buy me a tablet
  • I wish I can master my taekwondo skillz
  • I wish there is no racism in this world :)
Siap :P
How do you like my new header btw? :3

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