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★ hellooooo people? y are you guys so insensitive?
This post is typed in english tq.
So today I visited Little Nub-Nubs page and viewed her shoutbox. And I'm embarrassed by our country's attitude! I repeat I AM EMBARRASSED. It was all good at first you know, Malaysian bloggers saying sorry to her because they stole people's doodles. Now they're mocking her for exposing blogger sites that STOLE people's doodles! I was all like WTF? These are some of the messages posted :

Seriously I can't believe our country's people are this rude! 
First of all, little nub nubs listed people who used her doodles AND other doodler's. Even though you didn't use her doodle, you used other people's doodle. So don't say "Hey why did you put my name in the art theft list i didn't steal from you!" Well that means you stole from other famous doodlers like Mis0happy , JeansBeans and Marionette- and that's why you were listed. 
Thirdly, is it so hard for you guys to admit your mistakes and get over with it? -___- Most of all, those doodle owners didn't give permission to use their doodles not because they're stingy, it's because some of the doodles are made for other people. And it's not wrong for them to show their doodles in their blog because the doodles belongs to THEM and you ppl have NO RIGHT to steal them.
My doodles too were stolen once and I know, I f'cking know how it felt to have our creations ripped! I'm sure you would think "oh isn't this girl an art theif?"  i WAS an art thief. My blog was listed but now it's crossed out. Anyway, I think you should apologize too ann for being so rude. 
Btw, didn't you know that if you take people's doodles without permission but with credit, it's still considered stealing and those credit wouldn't mean a thing without permission. (Y)

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