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McJellyz Tutorialz.

★ My own doodle for my header :)
Drawn on paper, then scanned it to my laptop. Coloured in SAI & edited in GIMP & Photoscape. Process nya lama bahh. BURUK but proud of it :) Oh yeah, nama doodle saya Lulu. heheh. And I drew this myself. Ingat senang ke? LOLOL.
Look, i WAS an art thief. I now know I was guilty of stealing those doodles but now I removed all of it. I am also practicing on doing my own doodles. Like the one in this post. And why do you remain Anonymous? Takut? Littlenubnubs didn't cross out my name, so yeah I still look like a thief -.- I hope she crosses out my name :(
Lagi satu, happy 1 year 8 months Muhammad Aiman b. Anuar  <33 I love you :)
Aiman ada blog heeee. Click here :P

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