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★ Happy 1 year 8 months <3

James: I’ve learned that Anne is a very, very, very, very, very hard-working person/actor/performer, I think probably works too hard and is very, very talented, has tons of energy and is also a very, very sensitive soul.
Anne: Thank you, James! And you have no business accusing anyone of working too hard. I’ve never known anyone who is able to juggle so many things. James has really made me question what it is to be an actor and an artist and how far you can push yourself and, this is gonna sound like kind of a little bit too intense, but just like how to get the most out of life, you know.
Today, 24th March 2011, anniversary ke 20 bulan or 1 year & 8 months with Aiman :) Malam tadi dia nak call pukul 12 pagi, tapi saya tidur :( Pagi-2 call dia kata sorryyyyy tak angkat. Pastu dia kata takpa, takmau marah-2. Sebab hari ni anniversary kita kan? Hee :)
Lots of love for you babyyyyyyyy :)
Tapi harini saya tak stay nak dating. Satu sebab Aiman tak stay jugak, pertandingan rocket cancel. Lagi satu sebab saya dah rasa sikit-2 nak demam. Balik-2 demam panazzzz. Tapi semangat on lappy jugak b'cause semalam tak on. Eheh eheh. So last words, i love you Muhammad Aiman b. Anuar, forever :)

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