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★ Awwww :)
I'm super duper happy ! Because he finally bought a sim card ,
and a DiGi too ! He's that sweet :')
He messaged me. And asked these dumb questions. HAHA .
This was our conversation :

Him : Hai. Leh knalan.
Me : Who r u
Him : Human yg hensem 4 u.
Me : Huh ? -,-
Him : Y? you don't believe
Me : Um . . ?
Him : Y ?
Me : Sape ni ?
Him : U hate me
Me : Um , no i don't
Him : Name awk spe umo bpe sklh mne
Me : Name sy org. umo 89 tahun. sklh kat tadika kemas.
( haha , lepas tu saya gelak puas2. at that time I didn't know it was him.
and now I'm really lazy to spill out all our messages. But he called to prove that was him. )

We just ended with a goodbye, no 'i love you' or 'muahmuah' . err.
well baru lepas fight kan? *i think lah.
Yee ha :)


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