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McJellyz Tutorialz.

★ Today is a PUASE day.
but I am not fasting ! haha . kantoi en?
Well. I am on 'vacation'. But I did fast on the first 8 days ! okayy,
And now my stomach is hurting like realllyyyyyy baddd . yikesss.
2 panadol tablets didn't help, huh :'(


Random question :

If you had a boyfriend that you would want to annoy,
What type of boyfriend would he be?

Well, if I had a boyfriend to annoy, I would want him to be
the jealous type. then I could annoy him by doing things he gets
jealous at. Then he would sulk really bad and I would pretend to sulk
and he would say nice things to me to warm my heart. AWWWW. haha :D

but I already have one ! Hee , AIMAN my man :)

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